News: October 2012

Michael Borrelli QC joins Three Raymond Buildings

We are delighted to welcome Michael Borrelli QC who joins us from 29th October 2012.

29th October 2012

UN Special Rapporteur releases report on Security Council’s Al-Qaida sanctions regime

In his report, the UN Special Rapporteur recommends substantial reforms to the Security Council's regime of economic...

25th October 2012

Inquest finds that fire that killed six was caused by failure in freezer

A coroner ruled today that a fire which killed a mother and five children in Neasden, North London, was caused by the failure...

24th October 2012

Supreme Court considers the DPP’s powers to take over and discontinue private prosecutions

On 4/10/12, the Supreme Court heard the appeal of R (Gujra) v CPS. The Appellant is challenging the lawfulness of the DPP’s...

11th October 2012

Abu Hamza extradited

Today, the High Court upheld the extradition of Abu Hamza, Babar Ahmed, Bary, Al Fawaz and Ahsan. Ben Watson was junior...

5th October 2012

Cherney v Deripaska – Commercial Court action terminated days before evidence due to begin

In the largest commercial trial in the London legal calendar 2012-2013, Mr Cherney claimed he was the former partner of the...

4th October 2012

Businessman in bullion trial acquitted

Andreas Nicolas and his son, Kyriacos, were acquitted by a jury less than three hours after it had retired to consider its...

2nd October 2012