Inquests & Inquiries

“Offers considerable expertise in handling inquests as a result of its longstanding practice in this area.”

Chambers UK 2021

“They have unrivalled experience in this area.”

Chambers UK 2021

“An outstanding set of chambers...”

Chambers UK 2021

“In three words: competent, professional, outstanding.”

Chambers UK 2021

“An excellent set of chambers with a wealth of talent.”

Legal 500 2021

Our backbone of criminal and regulatory expertise gives us the necessary advocacy skills and knowledge of the law to provide comprehensive and rigorous representation for our clients in:

  • Inquests
  • Public Inquiries

We have a reputation for sensitivity and discretion in our representation of bereaved families and other interested parties such as corporations and authorities (including the police and fire rescue services), employees and professional individuals.

Several members of Chambers are experts in coronial law and appear regularly in inquests as well as claims for judicial review of coroners’ decisions. We are instructed in inquests of all kinds, including relating to the action or inaction of the police, medical negligence, product liability, industrial disease, fatal workplace accidents and criminal/terrorist activities.

Our involvement in the most high-profile matters of recent times reflects our experience in appearing in complex, sensitive and controversial inquests.

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Ufton Nervet Inquest

Derailment of First Great Western Intercity 125 running from London Paddington to Plymouth resulting in 7 deaths and a number of serious injuries.

Ian Tomlinson

Death in course of G20 protests.

7/7 Bombings

Leading Counsel to the Inquests; Counsel to the British Transport Police; Counsel for victims' families.

Lakanal House

Camberwell tower block fire in which six people died.

Mark Saunders

Shooting of barrister by police officers.

Raoul Moat

Death of Raoul Moat during police stand-off.

De Menezes

Stockwell shooting - Counsel for MPS; Counsel for individual police officers.

Mark Duggan

Leading and junior counsel to the MPS, Counsel for the Silver Commander, Counsel for the investigating officers.


Inquiry into press practices.

Baha Mousa

Involvement of armed forces in death of an Iraqi civilian in Iraq war.

“Offers considerable expertise in handling inquests as a result of its longstanding practice in this area.”  Chambers UK 2021

“They have unrivalled experience in this area.”  Chambers UK 2021

“An outstanding set of chambers both in terms of the counsel we instruct, and the way in which the clerks conduct their business and the chambers is administered.” Chambers UK 2021

“In three words: competent, professional, outstanding.”  Chambers UK 2021

“An excellent set of chambers with a wealth of talent.” Legal 500 2021

Inquests & Inquiries barristers

Queen's Counsel

James Lewis QC

Call: 1987 / QC: 2002

Barrister - James Lewis QC

Hugo Keith QC

Call: 1989 / QC: 2009

Barrister - Hugo Keith QC

Richard Horwell QC

Call: 1976 / QC: 2006

Barrister - Richard Horwell QC

Michael Borrelli QC

Call: 1977 / QC: 2000

Barrister - Michael Borrelli QC

Michael Bromley-Martin QC

Call: 1979 / QC: 2002

Barrister - Michael Bromley-Martin QC

Patrick Gibbs QC

Call: 1986 / QC: 2006

Barrister - Patrick Gibbs QC

Stephen Walsh QC

Call: 1983 / QC: 2009

Barrister - Stephen Walsh QC

Hugh Davies OBE QC

Call: 1990 / QC: 2013

Barrister - Hugh Davies OBE QC

James Hines QC

Call: 1982 / QC: 2015

Barrister - James Hines QC

Jonathan Ashley-Norman QC

Call: 1989 / QC: 2016

Barrister - Jonathan Ashley-Norman QC

Alisdair Williamson QC

Call: 1994 / QC: 2017

Barrister - Alisdair Williamson QC

Richard Wormald QC

Call: 1993 / QC: 2019

Barrister - Richard Wormald QC

Matthew Butt QC

Call: 2002 / QC: 2020

Barrister - Matthew Butt QC

William Emlyn Jones QC

Call: 1996 / QC: 2021

Barrister - William Emlyn Jones QC

Clair Dobbin QC

Call: 1999 / QC: 2021

Barrister - Clair Dobbin QC

Ben Watson QC

Call: 2002 / QC: 2021

Barrister - Ben Watson QC
Junior Barristers

Richard Atchley

Call: 1977

Barrister - Richard Atchley

Neil Saunders

Call: 1983

Barrister - Neil Saunders

Ben Summers

Call: 1994

Barrister - Ben Summers

Saba Naqshbandi

Call: 1996

Barrister - Saba Naqshbandi

Edmund Gritt

Call: 1997

Barrister - Edmund Gritt

Ailsa Williamson

Call: 1997

Barrister - Ailsa Williamson

Kevin Baumber

Call: 1998

Barrister - Kevin Baumber

Guy Ladenburg

Call: 2000

Barrister - Guy Ladenburg

Nicholas Yeo

Call: 1999

Barrister - Nicholas Yeo

Sarah Le Fevre

Call: 2001

Barrister - Sarah Le Fevre

Luke Ponte

Call: 2003

Barrister - Luke Ponte

Rachel Scott

Call: 2004

Barrister - Rachel Scott

Rachel Barnes

Call: 2004

Barrister - Rachel Barnes

Bo-Eun Jung

Call: 2005

Barrister - Bo-Eun Jung

Robert Morris

Call: 2008

Barrister - Robert Morris

Emma Collins

Call: 2008

Barrister - Emma Collins

Heather Oliver

Call: 2010

Barrister - Heather Oliver

Patrick Hill

Call: 2010

Barrister - Patrick Hill

Kitty St Aubyn

Call: 2010

Barrister - Kitty St Aubyn

John Greany

Call: 2012

Barrister - John Greany

Daniel Mansell

Call: 2012

Barrister - Daniel Mansell

Eva Niculiu

Call: 2013

Barrister - Eva Niculiu

Reka Hollos

Call: 2014

Barrister - Reka Hollos

Thomas Bushnell

Call: 2013

Barrister - Thomas Bushnell

Rebecca Hadgett

Call: 2015

Barrister - Rebecca Hadgett

Genevieve Woods

Call: 2016

Barrister - Genevieve Woods

Ruby Shrimpton

Call: 2018

Barrister - Ruby Shrimpton

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