Financial Services

“A premier league set for financial crime.”

Chambers UK 2022

“Three Raymond Buildings boasts a breadth and depth of business crime lawyers who are highly regarded in their field.”

Legal 500 2022

“Amongst the handful of go-to sets for fraud and financial crime …”

Legal 500 2021

“Three Raymond Buildings … excellent reputation for its expertise spanning the full range of financial crime matters.”

Chambers UK 2021

"The best set for business crime."

Legal 500 2020

Three Raymond Buildings is a leading set for advice and representation in financial services crime and regulation.

Members of Chambers provide advice to regulated persons, to other City professionals and to the Financial Conduct Authority at all stages and across a wide range of topics. Recent examples include advice for approved persons on the scope of their notification requirements, advice on the reporting obligations of authorised firms, advice for Money Laundering Reporting Officers on SARs and strategic advice to a global bank on AML and control system issues.

Our reputation in the field of financial crime means that we have been instructed on some of the leading cases involving the FCA and its predecessors, both for the Authority itself and for individuals/corporates who are the subject of investigation or enforcement action, across the range of FSMA and Financial Services Act offences, in respect of matters such as the alleged LIBOR, EURIBOR and FOREX irregularities and in many of the FCA’s most contentious insider dealing cases.

Members of Chambers have the benefit of longstanding experience in financial regulatory proceedings involving the FCA and its predecessors and before similar bodies, including the Financial Reporting Council and Pensions Regulator. We appear before the Regulatory Decisions Committee instructed by entities, individuals and the FCA. Examples of our recent experience include acting for the FCA in the RDC in relation to LIBOR, challenging a Supervisory Notice under the Payment Service and the Electronic Money Regulations, and acting for a non-regulated person facing allegations of market manipulation. We also have experience of advising in respect of the making of complaints against the FCA to the Financial Regulators Complaints Commissioner.

Junior members of Chambers have undertaken secondments within various teams in the Enforcement and Market Oversight division.

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Areas of expertise

Operations Tabernula and Aldershot

Insider dealing, for the FCA and for the defence

FCA v Abdel-Malek and Choucair

Insider dealing, for the FCA and for the defence

FCA v Vishnyak

First prosecution by the FCA in relation to a destruction of documents offence under FSMA 2000, for the FCA and for the defence Operation Cotton Acting pro bono in stay proceedings


On behalf of the FCA, SFO and individuals, in regulatory and criminal matters


Advising the FCA on prosecution for perverting the course of justice in the context of civil proceedings


Appearing for a Payment Service Provider Company before the RDC re non-disclosure allegations Advising a global bank in relation to AML and systems & controls issues


Financial Reporting Council investigation into elite CEO and CFO for alleged accountancy misconduct


German national charged by the FSA with insider dealing at Mizuho Bank

“Three Raymond Buildings boasts an excellent reputation for its expertise spanning the full range of financial crime matters.”  Chambers UK 2021

“Amongst the handful of go-to sets for fraud and financial crime, with unparalleled strength in depth.”  Legal 500 2021

“A highly respected chambers with enviable expertise across the full spectrum of financial crime work.”   Chambers UK 2020

“The best set for business crime.”  Legal 500 2020

Financial Services barristers

Queen's Counsel

James Lewis QC

Call: 1987 / QC: 2002

Barrister - James Lewis QC

Hugo Keith QC

Call: 1989 / QC: 2009

Barrister - Hugo Keith QC

Michael Borrelli QC

Call: 1977 / QC: 2000

Barrister - Michael Borrelli QC

Trevor Burke QC

Call: 1981 / QC: 2001

Barrister - Trevor Burke QC

Simon Farrell QC

Call: 1983 / QC: 2003

Barrister - Simon Farrell QC

Patrick Gibbs QC

Call: 1986 / QC: 2006

Barrister - Patrick Gibbs QC

Helen Malcolm QC

Call: 1986 / QC: 2006

Barrister - Helen Malcolm QC

John Hardy QC

Call: 1988 / QC: 2008

Barrister - John Hardy QC

James Hines QC

Call: 1982 / QC: 2015

Barrister - James Hines QC

Jonathan Ashley-Norman QC

Call: 1989 / QC: 2016

Barrister - Jonathan Ashley-Norman QC

Alisdair Williamson QC

Call: 1994 / QC: 2017

Barrister - Alisdair Williamson QC

Richard Wormald QC

Call: 1993 / QC: 2019

Barrister - Richard Wormald QC

Matthew Butt QC

Call: 2002 / QC: 2020

Barrister - Matthew Butt QC

Ben Watson QC

Call: 2002 / QC: 2021

Barrister - Ben Watson QC

Rachel Barnes QC

Call: 2004 / QC: 2022

Barrister - Rachel Barnes QC
Junior Barristers

Neil Saunders

Call: 1983

Barrister - Neil Saunders

Ben Summers

Call: 1994

Barrister - Ben Summers

Saba Naqshbandi

Call: 1996

Barrister - Saba Naqshbandi

Edmund Gritt

Call: 1997

Barrister - Edmund Gritt

Ailsa Williamson

Call: 1997

Barrister - Ailsa Williamson

Kevin Baumber

Call: 1998

Barrister - Kevin Baumber

Guy Ladenburg

Call: 2000

Barrister - Guy Ladenburg

Nicholas Yeo

Call: 1999

Barrister - Nicholas Yeo

Stuart Biggs

Call: 1999

Barrister - Stuart Biggs

Luke Ponte

Call: 2003

Barrister - Luke Ponte

Rachel Scott

Call: 2004

Barrister - Rachel Scott

Bo-Eun Jung

Call: 2005

Barrister - Bo-Eun Jung

Robert Morris

Call: 2008

Barrister - Robert Morris

Emma Collins

Call: 2008

Barrister - Emma Collins

Heather Oliver

Call: 2010

Barrister - Heather Oliver

Patrick Hill

Call: 2010

Barrister - Patrick Hill

John Greany

Call: 2012

Barrister - John Greany

Eva Niculiu

Call: 2013

Barrister - Eva Niculiu

Reka Hollos

Call: 2014

Barrister - Reka Hollos

Rebecca Hadgett

Call: 2015

Barrister - Rebecca Hadgett

Genevieve Woods

Call: 2016

Barrister - Genevieve Woods

Ciju Puthuppally

Call: 2017

Barrister - Ciju Puthuppally

Ryan Dowding

Call: 2017

Barrister - Ryan Dowding

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