Instructing Us

The following are invited to contact our Clerks on 020 7400 6400 or for a quote for our barristers’ services:

  • Solicitors or other practising lawyers
  • Corporate and government legal departments
  • Qualified foreign lawyers
  • Members of the public who wish to instruct a barrister under the Public Access Scheme

We also undertake international advisory work and may accept instructions direct from clients who carry on business or usually reside outside England and Wales.

Members of Chambers are also able to advise and represent clients in relation to proceedings taking place in common law jurisdictions outside England and Wales.


Barristers in Chambers may charge hourly rates for private work, or a brief fee and refresher. Charging structures are dependent upon the case itself.

Barristers in Chambers most often charge fixed fees for licensing work.


Timescales for a case may vary depending on factors such as barristers’ availability, the type and complexity of the case, and court waiting times.

Our clerks will be pleased to assist with any enquiries.

Licensed Access

Lay clients (individuals and public and corporate bodies) who are authorised as licensed access clients by the Access to the Bar Committee may instruct barristers direct. Members of certain professional bodies are deemed to be authorised.

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Public Access

More than half of our members are qualified under the Bar Standards Board’s Public Access rules to accept instructions direct from clients-whether individuals or representatives of companies and public bodies-across all our areas of practice.

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Standard Terms

Three Raymond Buildings has adopted as its Standard Terms the General Terms produced by the Commercial Bar Association (‘combar’) and the City of London Law Society (the combar / CLLS terms).

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