“An accomplished set of barristers known for their extensive coverage of the whole gamut of licensing disputes.”

Chambers UK 2024

"Three Raymond Buildings has an unparalleled breadth of expertise in licensing."

Chambers UK 2024

"An invaluable knowledge bank for complex licensing cases.”

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“The best set for licensing …”

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“Three Raymond Buildings is the original licensing set … none match the depth of this set.”

Legal 500 2022

We have a distinguished reputation in licensing law and the length and breadth of our experience in this area is unmatched.

Members of Three Raymond Buildings have been involved in most of the major licensing and gaming cases in the last 45 years. We advise and represent all those engaged with licensing authorities and the Gambling Commission, including the licensing authorities themselves, individual and corporate applicants and other interested parties, such as the police and residents. Our clients include many of the major operators of pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, casinos and betting offices in the United Kingdom.

Our expertise in the overlapping areas of regulatory and criminal law enables us to provide comprehensive advice regarding compliance obligations and, if necessary, continuity of representation in enforcement proceedings relating to alleged breaches of licence conditions or legislation. Members of Three Raymond Buildings have also represented parties in inquests concerning deaths involving licensed premises.

We deliver lectures and seminars on licensing matters nationwide and our members are frequent contributors to legal texts and journals in the field.

We deal with all forms of licensed activities, including:

  • Alcohol and entertainment
  • Gambling
  • Security Industry
  • Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

Alcohol & Entertainment

We advise and represent individual and corporate applicants including most of the major national operators, licensing authorities, the police and other interested parties such as residents. We have been instructed in many of the major alcohol and entertainment licensing cases before the higher courts.


We have represented most of the notable providers of betting and gaming facilities for many years, including casino operators and bookmakers, and regularly advise the gambling industry, financial traders and the media on the provision of both terrestrial and remote (internet) gambling products.

We have been involved in most of the leading cases dealing with gambling licences over the past decades. We represent operators and other interested parties in relation to new gambling applications as well as review and suspension hearings before the Gambling Commission and, if necessary, the First-tier Tribunal (Gambling) (previously the Gambling Appeals Tribunal). We also advise licence holders about compliance with the Act and licence conditions.

Security Industry

We have been instructed by the Security Industry Authority on a number of high profile cases concerning both licensing and criminal enforcement pursuant to the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

We also advise a broad range of corporate clients on compliance with the Act and, when necessary, provide representation for corporate clients and individuals accused of acting in breach of the regulations.

Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles

We appear regularly in taxi and private hire vehicle licensing matters. We advise and represent licensing authorities (both Transport for London and local authorities outside London), and licensees (both individuals and corporates) on all issues associated with taxi licensing. We appear in policy review sessions, the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.

Find the right barrister

To find the right licensing barrister, and to discuss any possible instructions, please contact our clerks on +44 (0)20 7400 6400 or email

“An accomplished set of barristers known for their extensive coverage of the whole gamut of licensing disputes.”  Chambers UK 2021

“Dean Brown is a superb clerk and you get the right barrister for the job every time.” Chambers UK 2021

“Three Raymond Buildings is endorsed as one of the first choice sets for licensing expertise.”  Legal 500 2020

“Top-ranked set boasting an impressive wealth of expertise and a deep bench of junior barristers and silks.”  Chambers UK 2020

“Incomparable breadth of expertise, characters, specialisms and experience.”  Chambers UK 2020

“With no weak links Three Raymond Buildings is a leading set…and is also the go-to licensing chambers.”  Legal 500 2019

Licensing barristers

King's Counsel

Michael Bromley-Martin KC

Call: 1979 / Silk: 2002

Barrister - Michael Bromley-Martin KC

Stephen Walsh KC

Call: 1983 / Silk: 2009

Barrister - Stephen Walsh KC

James Hines KC

Call: 1982 / Silk: 2015

Barrister - James Hines KC

Alisdair Williamson KC

Call: 1994 / Silk: 2017

Barrister - Alisdair Williamson KC

Richard Wormald KC

Call: 1993 / Silk: 2019

Barrister - Richard Wormald KC

Matthew Butt KC

Call: 2002 / Silk: 2020

Barrister - Matthew Butt KC

Saba Naqshbandi KC

Call: 1996 / Silk: 2024

Barrister - Saba Naqshbandi KC
Junior Barristers

Edmund Gritt

Call: 1997

Barrister - Edmund Gritt

Kevin Baumber

Call: 1998

Barrister - Kevin Baumber

Guy Ladenburg

Call: 2000

Barrister - Guy Ladenburg

Nicholas Yeo

Call: 1999

Barrister - Nicholas Yeo

Sarah Le Fevre

Call: 2001

Barrister - Sarah Le Fevre

Luke Ponte

Call: 2003

Barrister - Luke Ponte

Rachel Scott

Call: 2004

Barrister - Rachel Scott

Bo-Eun Jung

Call: 2005

Barrister - Bo-Eun Jung

Robert Morris

Call: 2008

Barrister - Robert Morris

Heather Oliver

Call: 2010

Barrister - Heather Oliver

Patrick Hill

Call: 2010

Barrister - Patrick Hill

John Greany

Call: 2012

Barrister - John Greany

Daniel Mansell

Call: 2012

Barrister - Daniel Mansell

Eva Niculiu

Call: 2013

Barrister - Eva Niculiu

Reka Hollos

Call: 2014

Barrister - Reka Hollos

Rebecca Hadgett

Call: 2015

Barrister - Rebecca Hadgett

Genevieve Woods

Call: 2016

Barrister - Genevieve Woods

Ciju Puthuppally

Call: 2017

Barrister - Ciju Puthuppally

Ryan Dowding

Call: 2017

Barrister - Ryan Dowding

Ruby Shrimpton

Call: 2018

Barrister - Ruby Shrimpton

Jessica Hocking

Call: 2013

Barrister - Jessica Hocking

Kiera Oluwunmi

Call: 2019

Barrister - Kiera Oluwunmi

Felix Keating

Call: 2020

Barrister - Felix Keating

Ella Crine

Call: 2020

Barrister - Ella Crine

Rosa Bennathan

Call: 2021

Barrister - Rosa Bennathan

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