Serious Violent & Sexual Crime

“A highly esteemed set instructed in the most serious cases.”

Chambers UK 2024

“One of the top criminal sets known for the consistent quality within its ranks.”

Legal 500 2024

“They seem to have only the highest calibre of barrister in the arena of crime.”

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“The brilliant set Three Raymond Buildings is well versed in handling the full spectrum of serious criminal work.”

Legal 500 2022

“An elite set with a second-to-none reputation.”

Legal 500 2020

Three Raymond Buildings has long been recognised as a pre-eminent criminal set. Over the decades many of the most celebrated advocates in criminal law have practised from here and continue to do so. The practice of our members encompasses advocacy and advisory work in every aspect of criminal law both domestically and internationally, including international mutual assistance and extradition.

The conduct of proceedings involving serious and violent crime remains at the heart of what we are and what we do. We have an uninterrupted history of members practising as Treasury Counsel at the Old Bailey, and one existing member was First Senior Treasury Counsel.

Members of chambers have defended some of the most notorious individuals and continue to appear in cases involving the most serious alleged violence and sexual crime both at the Old Bailey and nationally. We have adapted as the criminality of legendary criminals in the East End of London in the 1960s has given way to the violence associated with contemporary gangs of young people in cities across the UK, and the evolution of crime linked to county lines. We defend in controversial judge-only trials in Northern Ireland, including allegations of State entrapment.

We also contribute to the development of these aspects of criminal law. Examples include a report leading to substantive reforms to the sexual offences prevention order regime in 2014 –this marking a change in philosophy now applied in other contexts such as modern slavery, domestic violence and female genital mutilation – and delivering training through the UN as to the investigation and prosecution of violent crime and terrorism.

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“The set has got a lot of good, top-end people and the breadth of quality has to be seen to be believed.” Chambers UK 2020

“A cut above the rest.”  Legal 500 2020

“Chambers is filled with highly experienced, intellectually rigorous, and approachable trial advocates, who are reliably excellent…“  Legal 500 2020

“An elite set with a second-to-none reputation.”  Legal 500 2020

“A top-drawer set celebrated for its strong bench of experts in crime and its excellent track record of significant successes.”  Chambers UK 2019

Serious Violent & Sexual Crime barristers

King's Counsel

James Lewis KC

Call: 1987 / Silk: 2002

Barrister - James Lewis KC

Richard Horwell KC

Call: 1976 / Silk: 2006

Barrister - Richard Horwell KC

Michael Borrelli KC

Call: 1977 / Silk: 2000

Barrister - Michael Borrelli KC

Trevor Burke KC

Call: 1981 / Silk: 2001

Barrister - Trevor Burke KC

Michael Bromley-Martin KC

Call: 1979 / Silk: 2002

Barrister - Michael Bromley-Martin KC

Simon Farrell KC

Call: 1983 / Silk: 2003

Barrister - Simon Farrell KC

Patrick Gibbs KC

Call: 1986 / Silk: 2006

Barrister - Patrick Gibbs KC

Helen Malcolm KC

Call: 1986 / Silk: 2006

Barrister - Helen Malcolm KC

John Hardy KC

Call: 1988 / Silk: 2008

Barrister - John Hardy KC

Hugh Davies OBE KC

Call: 1990 / Silk: 2013

Barrister - Hugh Davies OBE KC

James Hines KC

Call: 1982 / Silk: 2015

Barrister - James Hines KC

Alisdair Williamson KC

Call: 1994 / Silk: 2017

Barrister - Alisdair Williamson KC

Richard Wormald KC

Call: 1993 / Silk: 2019

Barrister - Richard Wormald KC

Matthew Butt KC

Call: 2002 / Silk: 2020

Barrister - Matthew Butt KC

William Emlyn Jones KC

Call: 1996 / Silk: 2021

Barrister - William Emlyn Jones KC

Ben Watson KC

Call: 2002 / Silk: 2021

Barrister - Ben Watson KC
Junior Barristers

Neil Saunders

Call: 1983

Barrister - Neil Saunders

Siza Agha

Call: 1994

Barrister - Siza Agha

Edmund Gritt

Call: 1997

Barrister - Edmund Gritt

Ailsa Williamson

Call: 1997

Barrister - Ailsa Williamson

Kevin Baumber

Call: 1998

Barrister - Kevin Baumber

Guy Ladenburg

Call: 2000

Barrister - Guy Ladenburg

Nicholas Yeo

Call: 1999

Barrister - Nicholas Yeo

Luke Ponte

Call: 2003

Barrister - Luke Ponte

Rachel Scott

Call: 2004

Barrister - Rachel Scott

Bo-Eun Jung

Call: 2005

Barrister - Bo-Eun Jung

Robert Morris

Call: 2008

Barrister - Robert Morris

Emma Collins

Call: 2008

Barrister - Emma Collins

Heather Oliver

Call: 2010

Barrister - Heather Oliver

Patrick Hill

Call: 2010

Barrister - Patrick Hill

John Greany

Call: 2012

Barrister - John Greany

Daniel Mansell

Call: 2012

Barrister - Daniel Mansell

Eva Niculiu

Call: 2013

Barrister - Eva Niculiu

Rebecca Hadgett

Call: 2015

Barrister - Rebecca Hadgett

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