News: Crime

Essex Fireman cleared in abuse trial

Ian Maguire and Anthony Benham, two former senior firefighters accused of the false imprisonment, physical and indecent...

29th July 2015

Wallis Acquitted

Neil Wallis the ex-deputy editor at the News of the World was acquitted unanimously by the jury at the Central Criminal Court...

2nd July 2015

Guidance for Youth Courts on venue in serious offences

The High Court has provided new guidance on whether youths should be tried in the Youth Court or the Crown Court following a...

21st May 2015

Student protest Officers acquitted of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

Three police officers were acquitted of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice at Southwark Crown Court. One officer was...

20th May 2015

Case dropped against former news editor

The Crown Prosecution Service have formally dropped all charges against former News Of The World Editor Andy Coulson. ...

21st April 2015

Contempt of court application in $2 billion Commercial Court claim

The Commercial Court heard an application for permission to bring committal proceedings for contempt of court against Viktor...

17th March 2015

High Court orders the NCA to pay victims of crime

Following a three day trial in the Chancery Division, the High Court has today made a declaration that some of the money...

23rd December 2014

Two police officers cleared

Two Bedfordshire Police Officers have been cleared of misconduct in public office, with PC Christopher Thomas also found not...

11th December 2014

Sun Journalist Nick Parker cleared of misconduct

Trevor Burke QC led Patrick Hill in the defence of The Sun's Chief Foreign Correspondent at the Central Criminal Court.

11th December 2014

Court of Appeal rules in firearms case

The Court of Appeal has allowed an appeal brought by the Crown Prosecution Service relating to the definition of prohibited...

9th December 2014