International Women’s Day 2024

First held in 1911, International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the achievements of women all over the world and highlighting important issues currently faced by women.

Three Raymond Buildings proudly supports and applauds all of the amazing and inspirational women in our Chambers. With twenty-three female barristers and seven female staff, we strive to ensure that women are fully and equally represented in all aspect of Chamber’s life, empowered and encouraged to achieve their professional aspirations whatever those may be.

When asked what 3RB means to them, here are some of the responses from the women in our Chambers:

It is lovely to work in a chambers where I am surrounded by so many inspirational women from all walks of life and positions from KCs to juniors, pupils, clerks and admin. In my team we are all one another’s biggest supporters, to be surrounded by kindness and encouragement really makes a difference and has helped me grow in confidence.

3RB made it possible for me to take extended parental leave and then return to chambers and continue developing my career with huge support from members of chambers.”

My favourite part of being a member of 3RB’s admin team is dealing with pupillage.  I’ve been in chambers long enough to see many of our members’ journey from pupillage to silk.  I love being part of that journey and watching them evolve. It is hard work, but it is worth it. The women among them who juggle young families and a career at the bar are a true inspiration to those coming  after them.

The best thing is the other women in chambers and the support we give to, and gain from each other.”

3RB is my other family – as a working mother, I would never have had the confidence to apply for silk without the encouragement and support of my work family.

When I first joined this role, I found myself inspired by the woman at 3RB, working alongside women that have ambition, passion, optimism, and enthusiasm has motivated me to embrace my life in a new country.   It is really empowering to see everyone’s success and it encourages me to reach for the stars too. The greatest power of a woman is absolutely to be a woman!

3RB was very supportive during my pregnancy and maternity leave. Chambers made me feel valued and able to step back into my role after a year away and made the transition very easy.”

Coming back to the career after a long break, huge thanks to all the women of chambers who have made me feel included and purposeful once more!

“3RB is a team of intelligent, strong professionals all working hard to develop their own careers but doing so in a way to support, encourage, champion and lift up other members of chambers.”

Starting at 3RB as a young woman and this being my first job,  I was grateful to be surrounded by such supportive women. They have given me the confidence and knowledge to grow in my career.

3RB recognises that there are so many different ways to balance a family and private life with a demanding practice and that by supporting a variety of approaches that women wish to take we retain exceptionally talented members of chambers (especially women) who in the past may have left the Bar.

 “As a woman, to work in environment where no matter what has gone wrong, there is support and solidarity and care, is the foundation not just of a career but of a happier and fulfilling life.”

“We are so lucky – a network of such loyal, wonderful, intelligent women is unspeakably precious. “

Together, let’s Inspire Inclusion – Happy International Women’s Day 2024!


11th March 2024