Dorset Misconduct Hearing Concludes

Misconduct proceedings concluded on 19 April 2024 for two police officers accused of inappropriate removal of jewellery from recruits prior to a fitness test. PC Briggs removed the jewellery, while PC Davies was present and was said to have failed to challenge his actions.

The officers were wrongly alleged to have used large bolt croppers to remove three recruits’ earrings by force. The Tribunal concluded that bolt croppers were not used to remove the jewellery and found that there was no use of force.

Both officers retained their jobs with Dorset Police. PC Briggs was given a Final Written Warning, while PC Davies was given a Written Warning.

You can read more about the case here.

Genevieve Woods was instructed for PC Briggs

Guy Ladenburg was instructed for PC Davies

26th April 2024

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