Court refuses extradition to Nigeria

The English Courts have refused to extradite an individual to Nigeria who was wanted to stand trial for allegations of forex trading fraud.

Following an in depth analysis of recent inspection reports from the National Human Rights Commission and NGO’s such as Amnesty International and the instruction of an expert in the Nigerian penal system, the Court accepted the defence argument that prison conditions throughout the country are ‘harsh and life threatening’ as a result of overcrowding and material conditions and that extortion and bribery remains endemic.

The Nigerian authorities offered detention at a newly built facility but the Court accepted expert evidence that the new facility was a ‘drop in the ocean in relation to a prison estate that has systemic and long-standing issues of severe overcrowding’ and held the assurance failed to alleviate concerns that extradition presented a real risk of human rights breaches.

Amanda Bostock acted for the Requested Person.


8th February 2024