Human Rights & Criminal Justice (3rd Edition)

Ben Emmerson QC; Professor Andrew Ashworth; Alison Macdonald

  • Full and systematic analysis of UK human rights law and the criminal justice system.
  • Examines first the applicable human rights principles before moving on to consider their impact on specific areas, including the investigation of crime, court procedure, evidence, standards of proof, sentencing, appeals and the rights of victims.
  • Assesses the actual impact of domestic human rights law on the criminal justice system and substantiates the impact further with new case law from the UK and Strasbourg courts.
  • Provides guidance for practitioners and judiciary dealing with human rights in relation to both substantive law and criminal procedure.
  • Examines how the courts have interpreted the Human Rights Act 1998 in practice.
  • Reproduces relevant statutory material ensuring this key information is readily to hand.

New to the 3rd Edition

  • Fully updated to include analysis of the most recent cases.
  • New chapter on anti-terrorism.
  • New chapter on the impact of the Convention on prisons and the administration of sentences.
  • Important material added to the section on investigative process.

23rd July 2012

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