Third Six months


Three Raymond Buildings recruits third six pupils on an occasional basis. Our main recruitment sources are:

Speculative applications from candidates

These can be sent at any time by email with accompanying CV to Your CV should include date of call, details of pupillage to date including supervisors, experience gained in non-practising and practising period, and details of the type of work in which you have been instructed.


Periodically we place advertisements on the Pupillage Gateway website, on the notice boards at the Inns of Court, in robing rooms and on this website.



In the main we are looking for candidates of a very high standard with experience in our main areas of practice.


Candidates who appear to meet our criteria may be invited to attend an interview with a Panel of three barristers at varying levels of seniority. The interview will include an advocacy exercise, which will be issued on arrival for interview.

We endeavour to advise candidates of the outcome their interview as soon as possible.

Structure of pupillage

All pupils (including third six pupils) at Three Raymond Buildings are assigned a Pupil Supervisor and moved around every four months (at the beginning of February, June and October). Third six pupils practise largely in their own right but we expect them to provide assistance to members of Chambers when practicable. This gives them access to our various areas of practice and ensures they meet as many members of Chambers as possible.

We monitor the level of training, support and experience offered to our pupils on a regular basis. This normally includes regular meetings with a point of contact other than the Pupil Supervisor, and regular monitoring of work allocation. We also run in-house training sessions, conducted by qualified trainers, to develop and strengthen vital advocacy skills.


We do not charge our pupils any administration fees or Chambers rent on income earned as a practising pupil. Regrettably there is no funding for third six pupils.

Chambers environment

We like pupils to be involved in Chambers life and we have regular social evenings to make sure this happens. We have an open door policy, with everyone willing to offer assistance and advice.


Once a year we consider 12 month and third six pupils for junior tenancy in Chambers. Successful candidates will have demonstrated the level of excellence we require consistently over their pupillage and at final interview.