A 3RB tribute to Jeremy Hutchinson

So much has justifiably been written about Jeremy since his death that we felt it appropriate not simply to repeat the same material in a tribute here, but to ask some of those former members of our chambers who practised with him to put pen to paper. Their thoughts, in no particular order, appear below. […]


Nightclub Acid Attack

Following a 5-week trial, Arthur Collins was convicted by a jury at the Wood Green Crown Court of a number of offences of serious assault during the course of which 22 people were injured. Luke Ponte appeared for the prosecution.


Officers cleared after ‘unprecedented and unexplained’ delays by IPCC

Two Metropolitan Police Officers were cleared of gross misconduct after “unprecedented” delays of an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission Hugh Davies QC and Kevin Baumber represented the Officers Click here to read the article from the Independent Click here to read the link from the BBC


Police officers cleared of misconduct following the death of Henry Hicks

Four police officers were cleared today of all misconduct charges relating to the death of Henry Hicks on 19.12.14. Henry Hicks died after losing control of his moped whilst two police units were following him with lights and sirens activated. The Misconduct Panel found that the officers were not involved in a pursuit as defined […]


Met Police officer cleared of rape and sexual assault

Metropolitan Police Officer, Carl Blood, was acquitted of charges of rape and sexual assault following a week-long trial at Luton Crown Court. Ailsa Williamson represented the Defendant. Click here to read the article from the BBC


Officers cleared of gross misconduct over the death of a mental health patient

The Panel hearing the Gross Misconduct Hearing for six of the officers involved in the restraint of Olaseni Lewis at the Bethlem Hospital in 2010 found that all allegations against all six officers were not proved. Michael Borrelli QC and Ailsa Williamson represented all six officers at this four week hearing. Click here to read […]


Defendants convicted in £10 Million cocaine conspiracy

Following an 8 week trial at Kingston Crown Court, All defendants were convicted in a trial concerning the importation of 100kg of cocaine through corrupt baggage handlers at Heathrow Airport. Luke Ponte represented the Prosecution. Click here to read the article from the Daily Mail