Private prosecutions

The right to bring a private prosecution is long-established in our criminal justice system. As resources of the police and the Crown Prosecution Service are increasingly stretched, there has been a rise in these prosecutions before the courts.

Private prosecutions are now regularly brought by corporations who have fallen victim to fraud and by individual victims of crimes where the statutory prosecuting authorities have been unable or unwilling to proceed.

We are highly experienced in bringing and defending private prosecutions both on behalf of individuals and corporations in both large and smaller cases.

We have been involved in some of the most significant cases in this growth area for many years, including:

Gujra: leading Supreme Court case on the lawfulness of the DPP’s policy to take over and discontinue private prosecutions that do not satisfy the Full Code Test in the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

Smith: manslaughter following the death of a climber on Mount Everest.

Xu: multi-million pound fraud following theft from a hedge fund of a computer code used in trading algorithms.

Sport Entertainment and Media Group Ltd: fraud and perjury prosecution brought by a football agent in respect of a player transfer deal.

Takieddine: perverting the course of justice prosecution brought by the wife of an arms broker.

Ventriglia: prosecution of an unregulated will-writer for fraudulent trading.

Vickerman: conspiracy to defraud brought by the Federation about Copyright Theft against operator of ‘Surfthechannel’.

Davies: the first ever private prosecution for rape.