Blackstone’s Guide to the Fraud Act 2006 (OUP 2007)

  • Places new offences including those of obtaining services dishonestly and of the act of possessing or making material for use in frauds, in the context of previous law
  • Structured in a clear and accessible way, with narrative logically following the structure of the Act
  • Lucid commentary on the effect of the new legislation, and guidance on its likely impact and interpretation in practice
  • Contains full text of the Fraud Act 2006

The Blackstone’s Guide Series delivers concise and accessible books covering the latest legislative changes and amendments. Published within weeks of the Act, they offer expert commentary by leading names on the effects, extent and scope of the legislation, plus a full copy of the Act itself. They offer a cost-effective solution to key information needs and are the perfect companion for any practitioner needing to get up to speed with the latest changes.

The Fraud Act 2006 creates a new general offence of fraud with a maximum custodial sentence of ten years; replacing all previous deception offences as detailed under the Theft Acts 1968-1996. This new offence can be committed in three ways:

  • By false representation
  • By failing to disclose information
  • By abuse of position

The Act also creates new offences of obtaining services dishonestly, and replaces the existing ‘going equipped’ offence, to criminalise the act of possessing or making material for use in frauds. This new Blackstone’s Guide provides the full text of the Fraud Act 2006 and extracts from related relevant legislation, together with expert narrative. The authors provide detailed and practical commentary logically following the structure of the Act, on the effect of the legislation, its probable interpretation, and its impact on the existing law of dishonesty.

Readership: Primary: Criminal practitioners – barristers, solicitors, the judiciary, and lawyers within various legal prosecution enforcement agencies. Secondary: Academics and the Police

28th March 2007

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